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A portrait of owner Hans Depypere

75 years of St.Bernardus Brewery: that’s not only a good moment to publish a book, but also the perfect time for our owner Hans Depypere to look back. Roughly 1/3 of those 75 years, he's at the helm of our thriving business. We followed Hans for a day and let him speak as he is, straightforward and down-to-earth. He speaks about his passions (because 'brewing beer' is only one of them) and his best friend Dirk Ghyselinck.

Anyone who knows Hans a little bit, knows that he’s not the biggest 'digital native'. Therefore we would like to surprise him 👉 if you call +32 57 65 00 30, you can immediately leave a personal message for Hans. Would you like to congratulate him on the brewery's 75th birthday, or on his entrepreneurial skills, etc.? Then here's your chance! Do you want to ask him why he doesn't answer your mail from about 5 years ago 😜? Then here’s also your opportunity 😉

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The Great Flemish Stew Debate

In this article, beer community Belgian Smaak takes a closer look at the ancient Flemish classic 'stew with fries'. Why is it so popular? How do you prepare it? And why does everyone give it their own twist? Read more trough the link below!

Article Belgian Smaak

Flemish stew with St.Bernardus Abt 12


Belgian Smaak

Belgian Smaak has been bringing wonderful stories about Belgian beers and breweries for years. Editor-in-Chief Breandán Kearney has been digging into the story of Brewery Kazematten and came back with a fantastic article and podcast.

Article / Podcast

Brouwerij Kazematten


So our (web)shop girls Kayleigh and Kato wanted some airtime during our #abt12day livestream of 12 december 2020. Now we know why they're so cranky every time we discuss new St.Bernardus apparel 😋😃. In the meanwhile, you can still find our 'ordinary' clothing on our webshop 🤗😜👉